The Ultimate Packing List for All-Inclusive Resorts

Jul 28, 2022

The ULTIMATE Packing List for All-Inclusive Resorts

Ready for a vacation, but not quite sure quite what to pack? This checklist will help clear the fog and get you packing to the beach! Check out this packing list for all-inclusive resorts.

Dig out the suitcase, and get packing!

REMINDERS before you start packing: 

✅ Always check the airline’s rules for carry-on and checked bag allowance.
✅ Passports – make sure it’s not expired, there are no tears, rips or dents and it’s an actual book, not a card!
✅ Stop mail or arrange someone to pick it up
✅ Honeymooners: copy of marriage certificate or photo of it on your phone to receive honeymoon amenities

what to pack in your CARRY-on luggage / Personal item (just in case your bags are delayed and for ease of access)

Your Passport & Travel Documents
A Change of Clothes (something that could be worn to dinner)
Swimsuit & Cover Up
Flip Flops
Cash (lots of small bills for tipping)
Credit Cards

Any valuables (ie sunglasses, cameras)
✅  Light jacket or shawl – I always bring a shawl on the plane to use as a blanket in case I get cold or to bundle up and use as a pillow
Hand sanitizer + wipes

What to Pack in your checked bag

The best way to maximize the space in your suitcase is to use packing cubes. Roll your clothes in each one, then slightly zip the bag. Push your clothes further in and add more. You won’t believe hoow much you can fit in one packing cube! Plus you can easily move the packing cube right to the drawer.

Bathroom basics

✅ Cosmetics
✅ Make-up remover – wipes are best!
Toothbrush + toothpaste
Nail clippers/nail file
Hair accessories
Must-have hair products + appliances (careful, some countries don’t use our same outlets)



Sunglasses (if they are designer, put them in your carry on!)
✅ Jewelry
Hat/ Sun hat
Beach Bag
Snacks – in case you like midnight snacks like me! 😉
Gallon Ziplocks for wet clothes/bathing suit or for any liquids
Drawstring backpack for excursions
Insulated travel mug like a Yeti to keep those drinks nice and cold
✅ Travel umbrella, especially during rainy season!
Ear plugs


Medicine & Toiletry must haves – Buy here, not there!

Sunscreen & lip balm
Bug Spray
Aloe for sunburn
Diarrhea medicine – yuck!
Motion sickness medicine (patches, sea bands)
Allergy medicine
Ahem, contraceptives
✅ Tampons/pads
✅ Band-aids
✅ Prescription glasses/contacts

Clothing (for her)

Weather-appropriate clothing (mix + match is helpful)
1 pair of jeans, pants or leggings
✅ Sundress(es)
✅ Nice dresses for dinner
✅ 2 pairs of shorts
✅ 4 casual t-shirts or tanks
✅ 2 bathing suits (one for carry-on)
✅ Swimsuit cover-ups or sarong
✅ Lingerie
✅ Extra socks and underwear
✅ Bras (strapless, sports and regular)
✅ Day purse + night purse
1 pair of Sandals/flip-flops
1 pair of Sneakers or walking shoes
1 pair of active shoes (water shoes, hiking boots, etc) for activities

Clothing (for him)

Weather-appropriate clothing (mix + match is helpful)
1 pair of jeans, pants or khakis
✅ 1 pair of nice pants for dinner
✅ 4 casual t-shirts or tanks
✅ 2 pairs of shorts
✅ 2 polo or button-down shirts (short and long sleeve)
Workout clothes
✅ 2 swimsuits (one for carry-on)
✅ Extra socks and underwear
1 pair of Sandals/flip-flops
1 pair of Sneakers 
1 pair of dress shoes (boat shoes or nice sneakers) for dinners
1 pair of active shoes (water shoes, hiking boots, etc) for activities

Important STUff

✅ Notify credit card companies and bank where and when you are travelling so your account isn’t flagged for fraud.
✅ Make copies of passports and take photo of them on your phone. Leave a copy in your ccarry on bag or in your suitcase (not in your room safe). Also, email a copy to your Travel Specialist or family.
✅ Register with STEP.
✅ Communication with family back home.
– Download communication apps, such as, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp to send texts and make calls through WiFi.
– Call your cell phone carrier to get information for adding an international plan.
– Leave phone on airplane mode to avoid roaming charges.
✅ Don’t forget to add any frequent flyer numbers, Global Entry or TSA pre-check to your flight itinerary.
✅ Never pack any valuables (electronics, jewelry, brand name items, etc) in your checked luggage.
✅ Leave your travel information with a family member in case of emergency.
✅ ALWAYS purchase travel insurance!

Travel insurance

In our current climate, I cannot recommend travel insurance enough. With the constant airline delays and cancellations you will get your moneys worth!

My go-to insurance company is Travel Insured. You can read more about the insurance plan I recommend to all my clients. CLICK HERE for more information and to obtain a quote.

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