The Perfect Resort for Everyone in Riviera Maya

In September 2019, I returned from my second stay at Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Riviera Maya, Mexico, from a Destination Wedding Influencer Retreat. To learn more about the retreat you can view the official press release.


Hard Rock Riviera Maya:The Perfect Fit

Having been to over 40 resorts in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area and being my second time staying at this resort, I am convinced this is the ultimate resort for EVERYONE!

You want adults only? Sure! No problem!

You want a water park for the kids? You got it! 

You want top-notch food and premium drinks? You bet! 

Looking to party like a Rockstar? Most definitely!

Whether you want to go as a family, with a group of friends, have a destination wedding or go on your honeymoon, this is the place for you. Hard Rock caters to everyone, which is why I love it so much! Here are some specific reasons why I love this property, will continue to send my clients here and why I can’t wait to come back!


RockStar Entertainment

No matter where you’re at in the resort, there’s live music playing everywhere. When you’re hanging out at the pool there is live music, a DJ, and the entertainment to get everyone involved. Events like foam parties, pool dodge-ball, dance-offs and much more are always happening by the pool.

When you check into the resort, you’re given a schedule of all of the pool’s events, so you know what to expect each day. Now, the resort understands that some guests would rather enjoy peace and quiet, and for that reason, there are numerous pools and beaches to go to where it’s quiet. 

Heaven is the best dance club in Riviera Maya. I mean, there’s a friggin pool inside of the club! And yes, I did try it out. I mean I had to for you, right?! By the way, the water is cold, very cold. While you’re waiting for the club to open at 11 PM (on weekends) there’s a band playing in the lobby, what a great way to get the party started! If you need help staying awake, I recommend a shot of espresso with Don Julio 42 tequila on ice. Believe me, it works wonders! 


LIMITLESS All-inclusive

HRRM isn’t your typical “all-inclusive” resort, it’s more. They are a “Limitless All-Inclusive resort.” Whether you want to play a round of golf, indulge in a facial and massage at Rock Spa, or head to Tulum to see the fortress of a clifftop city overlooking the Caribbean; You can pack as much fun as you want in your stay and it’s all included!

What’s the catch? Well, I wouldn’t call it a catch, but a discount. HRRM has a twenty-five percent service fee on the total cost of each activity, spa treatment, etc.

So, let’s say you get a massage that costs $100, you only have to pay $25! Now that is a steal! I just had a massage in Sedona, AZ at a resort and I paid $175 for a one hour hot stone massage!! I’ll take a twenty-five percent service fee over the full price, don’t you agree?


The Staff

Since we were there for a retreat we had the resort manager, wedding coordinator, and the Florida Business Development Manager with us the entire time.  This staff is some of the best staff I have ever worked with. They went above and beyond to arrange an amazing experience for us. 

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, you’re a travel specialist, they want you to see the best they’ve got to offer. They want you to send your clients there!”

I hate to tell you you’re wrong, but you thought wrong! They do this for all of their guests. They know how to take care of their guests and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy. 

 For example, on the last night of the trip, I really wanted guacamole; but, it was Italian night so there wasn’t any in the main buffet. I asked one of the staff members if there was any chance that I could cure my guacamole craving. Fortunately for me, they said there was a Mexican restaurant next door. What did he do? You guessed it, went to the restaurant and got some guacamole for me! He didn’t even tell me he was going over, he just did it! Now, that is service!


Activities for Everyone

There are so many activities for kids and adults to enjoy. There’s a new water park called Rockaway Bay that opened in January 2019. Of course, I test drove this for you too, it was a blast! Another favorite is Woodward Sports Park; a 29,000 square foot indoor lifestyle sports park for skateboarding, BMX biking, foam pits, ninja park and so much more. It is out of this world and great for teens (and adults too!).

For music lovers, you can go to the Music LAB to create a Jam Band, a Rocktube music video, or create your own DJ Mix (dare I say tape!).  To make the kids feel like the superstars they are, they can have their own personal tour manager and create their own band (name and all) at Kid Bopz. So if you and your family love music, you will love HRRM even more!

Beach lovers, don’t worry, I know I haven’t mentioned much about the beach! I want to point out that the beach is not a walkable beach. What’s that mean? HRRM has a private beach for guests only. The beach is lined by a huge rock wall that prevents large waves, some seaweed and creates coves. There are multiple coves along the resort that are gorgeous!



Getting There

One downfall is that it’s an hour drive from the Cancun International Airport. No worries, when you book with me, I’ll set you up with private transportation and refreshments – your vacation starts the second you get off the plane.

Upon your arrival at the resort, the bellman will take your luggage, ask for your last name, tag your bags and give you the other half of your ticket. Once you enter the lobby of  Hard Rock Riviera Maya through the sliding glass doors, the cool air conditioning hits you and your welcome drink awaits! The vibe of the Hard Rock can be felt immediately after entering. There’s live music playing and amazing music memorabilia all over the lobby.

You’ll check in with the front desk and they’ll give you your wristband, which opens the door to your room. It’s pretty sweet – that means you can head to the pool without having to worry about your room key because believe me, I have left mine in my room quite a few times!

After receiving your wristband and checking out the memorabilia, the bellman will take you to your room on a golf cart and BAM! – you’re in your room ready to start partying in paradise!



Consistent Guest Rooms

The resort property is very large, but it doesn’t feel like it when you’re there. There are over 1,200 rooms and the resort is split in half.  Half of the resort has red buildings and is for families with children only and is called Hacienda. Heaven is the second half of the resort, with blue colored buildings for adults only.  If you’re an adult staying in the Hacienda side, don’t worry, you can go over to Heaven freely – no one stopping you! The resort is set up this way helps families with children enjoy their stay just as much as adults with no children.

What I love most about the guest rooms (aside from the hammocks and balconies) is the consistency throughout the property. Every lead in room category – the Deluxe Gold is the same throughout the entire resort. What you see is what you get with this resort. The pictures online are exactly what you should expect in person.  There are some amazing terrace suites. These suites include stairs that lead you to a rooftop terrace with jetted tub, lounge chairs, wet bar, and bathroom. I was lucky enough to stay in this room and it was so awesome!

With so many rooms to choose from which one is the best for families? The most popular is the Deluxe Family suite.  When you book this suite, you are guaranteed to get two connecting bedrooms. One room with a king-size bed and the second room with two queen beds. The wonderful thing about the Deluxe Family suite is that it can sleep a family of six comfortably!



Upgrade Your Stay

Want to elevate your experience? Book a Rock Royalty Level Room to receive rockstar treatment!  This rock star treatment includes:

  • A personal assistant (aka concierge)
  • A section of the beach just for you
  • VIP check-in and check-out
  • A complimentary beach bag
  • Priority dining reservations
  • A minibar with water, beer, and snacks

Believe me when I say that those are only a few perks of booking a Rock Royalty Level Room.

Hard Rock Riviera Maya offers a little something for everyone — and I know you’re going to want to try it out for yourself.


If you follow me, you know I love to travel.

But it’s also important to me as a top-tier travel specialist to be able to recommend places that I have personally stayed at. I am able to create extraordinary experiences for you because I know the unique features of each place and can anticipate how a resort will align with just what you’re looking for.


Hard Rock Riviera Maya is the perfect resort for those extraordinary experiences that will create a memorable stay.

You can see more gorgeous travel pics and follow my journeys on Instagram @BridieTravel.

If Hard Rock Riviera Maya looks like just what you’ve dreamed of and you want to talk more about making this trip a reality, you can set up a complimentary design session by clicking here.


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I turn your travel bucket list into “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” escapes—without the online overwhelm and stomach-knotting stress that comes with having to plan it all yourself. So let’s pop open the prosecco and start planning!

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Travel Tips

Destination weddings


I turn your travel bucket list into “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” escapes—without the online overwhelm and stomach-knotting stress that comes with having to plan it all yourself. So let’s pop open the prosecco and start planning!

i'm megan


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A blueprint for planning your wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean

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