Are You Making These 7 Common Travel Mistakes?

Oct 21, 2021

The world has changed – and so has the way we do travel. Could you be making these common travel mistakes we’re seeing people make in 2021? Keep scrolling to find out!

Four Seasons O’ahu

1) Booking Last-Minute

There’s been a pent up demand in travel for quite some time now. If you wait to book your reservations until the last-minute, you’ll risk getting the leftover rooms – or worse, getting nothing! Do yourself a favor and make sure you make those arrangements well in advance.

2) Not Purchasing Insurance

With all the changes going on these days, you won’t want to make this mistake! “Cancel For Any Reason” travel insurance allows you to get a full refund if you need to cancel your trip for any reason. This also allows you to make the decision whether to travel or not instead of being at the mercy of the airlines.

3) Booking Basic Economy

If you want to ensure you’re sitting with your travel companions, you’ll want to opt out of basic economy airfare and book in the main cabin instead. This allows you to reserve your seats in advance so you aren’t stuck sitting near the bathroom!

4) Not Reviewing Restrictions

Another mistake we’re seeing is that travelers aren’t reviewing country restrictions thoroughly before they travel. Unfortunately, some guests are being denied boarding for not having the proper authorizations or right type of COVID test performed – so be sure to ask us these requirements beforehand!

Four Seasons O’ahu

5) Ignoring Passport Requirements

If you’re traveling out of the country, this is a big one! Considering most countries require a 6 month validity at the time of entry, you’ll want to make sure the date on your passport is valid so you have plenty of time to order a new one before you leave.

6) Arriving Late

Travel right now is booming – which means airports and lines are busier and longer than ever. Be sure to get to the airport at least 3 hours early (even if you’re flying domestic) to ensure you have plenty of time to check your bags and go through security.

7) Being Impatient

Keep in mind that some hotel partners may be living under different restrictions than we are – which means pack your patience. Be prepared for flight cancellations and delays – and expect changes to service levels. We recommend downloading the airline’s app to receive notifications about your flight times and also track bags if they don’t arrive!

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