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september 9, 2019


You’ve dreamed of your wedding day all your life right? We all do, but how clear was that dream? Could you taste it, feel it, smell it?

Nailing down your wedding vision is the most important task on your wedding to-do list, and should be solidified before you start diving into the actual planning.

I ask all my couples about their vision so that I can match them with the appropriate destination and resort. As you know, there are endless options, so narrowing down your vision is a HUGE part of the planning. To help you clearly see that vision, I urge you to do the following exercise BEFORE you meet with any wedding professionals. It will help everyone when you have a clear idea about what you want.

I totally made this up, but I hope it helps!

Grab a glass of bubbly, play some music and get comfortable while you think about your DREAM wedding. As you ask yourself these questions close your eyes and imagine it. If you don’t know, write down the first thing that comes to mind. Then journal it all down while it’s still fresh.

The Ceremony

As you’re walking down the aisle to meet your fiancé…

What does it look like?
Are you inside or outside?
Is the weather hot or cold?

Who is walking you down the aisle?
Your dad, stepdad, brother, mother, sister, friend?

What kind of music do you hear?
Violin, guitar, cello, flute, your favorite band/artist from your iPhone?

Who is in attendance?
Just the two of you, your immediate family and close friends or everyone in your circle? How many people?

Look down at your feet – what do you see?
Bare feet in the sand?
Heels, flats or flip flops?
What are you walking on?
A runner, rug, wooden or cement walkway, sand, grass?

What’s in the background?
Ocean, mountains, palm trees, cactus, surrounded by a garden, in a gazebo, or on a beach?

What are you wearing?
A flowy dress, a princess like dress, something casual?
Are you not wearing white at all?

What type of flowers?
None, tropical, roses, succulents, faux?

What time of day is it?
Morning, afternoon sun or just before sunset?

Who is the officiant?
A friend, family member, priest, minister, or any officiant?

What are you doing after?
Having a cocktail hour?
Letting guests fend for themselves? 

The Reception

As you’re walking in to your wedding reception…

Where are you at?
Are you inside or outside?
Are you on the beach, a rooftop overlooking gorgeous scenery or the ocean, a ballroom, a restaurant?

What kind of decor?
Modern, vintage, natural elements?

What are you eating?
Tacos, steak, chicken, lobster, fish?
Are you being served or is it a buffet or family style?

What type of dessert will be served?
Wedding cake, cupcakes, donuts, cookies?

Will there be first dances?
First dance as hubby & wifey, mother/son, father/daughter?

What kind of drinks will be served?
Wine, beer, hard liquor? Anything?!

What kind of entertainment will you have?
A live band, DJ, mariachi band, fire dancers, hula dancers?

How late will the party go?
No party, all night long, just dinner and casual evening?


After you have written down all your thoughts share it with your fiancé and make sure your visions align. If they don’t, make sure to include his/her dreams as well so you’re both on the same page.

Then, start a Pinterest board and save Instagram posts. Share these boards with your travel specialist and/or wedding planner too! It will make everyone’s life easier ‘seeing’ your vision.

Now you can start scheduling meetings since you have a clear vision about your wedding. If you still don’t know, your wedding professional can give you some Ideas as well. Don’t worry it will all come together – I promise!!

Happy Dreaming!


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