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Founder of Bridie Travel

I founded Bridie Travel to help travelers experience incredible, seamless vacations—even when they feel oh-so overwhelmed by the planning process. Because stressing out about the planning is no fun—trust me, I’ve been there!

Let’s rewind back to my own honeymoon.


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So, I threw in the towel, threw up my hands and reached out to a travel agent— and it was the BEST decision I could have made.

It was 2008, and my soon-to-be husband and I were knee-deep in planning our wedding.  Booking vendors, touring reception areas, trimming back the guest list without offending our second-cousins-twice-removed … talk about stressed out. How were we supposed to plan the most important vacation of our lives on top of that (especially when we’d never been out of the country before?!).

I left my career as a healthcare administrator and founded my own travel agency, Bridie Travel, in 2015.

I wanted to help others do the same.

From Costa Rica to Hawaii, Ireland to Las Vegas, we explored destinations with ease—because we had a pro to plan it all for us.  Before long, I realized I didn't want to just explore with ease...

Our travel agent took care of everything. She arranged every last travel detail, matched us with a beyond dreamy destination (shout out to Puerto Vallarta!), and made sure we didn’t have to worry about a thing. That was exactly what I needed after all the wedding stress!

Working with our travel agent was such a revelation, we refused to plan a big trip without her going forward. 

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Can I get an amen, Megan to that?! 

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If you’re nodding a “heck yes” to all of the above, then let’s go ahead and get started. Whether you’re after your own stress-free honeymoon, destination wedding, or family vacay, the first step is to connect on your complimentary consultation call. 

When you have a pro doing the planning, you become a more confident traveler. You explore more deeply, discover more around every corner, and adventure fearlessly. That’s what I learned way back when on my honeymoon—and what I offer to YOU today. My worldwide connections, client-first attitude, and personalized advice (I give you tons!) means you can get swept away on the journey of a lifetime … without ever getting caught up in the overwhelm. 

Fun loving, sweet, adventure seeking boy who takes after my own heart

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Going on 15 years married & I wouldn’t change a thing. We love our life together!

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A simple hike, ziplining, a new restaurant - you name it, I am up for any adventure!

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 Let’s face it, I can’t fall asleep without reading. I love to get lost in a good thriller, romance or mystery.



A case of rosé in Tuscany? Yes, please! I regret nothing and am ready to drink my way through this adventure!

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My travel agency is named after my Irish grandmother, Bridie. She emigrated to the U.S. in the 1930s through Ellis Island, leaving her beloved home behind. I grew up listening to her stories—and her adorable Irish accent!—about the Emerald Isle.

While Bridie passed away when I was just in the 5th grade, her stories and spirit live on—through travel. In 2015, my wonderful husband surprised me with a “babymoon” to Ireland … and a trip to see Bridie’s Irish home in County Mayo! I couldn’t believe Bridie’s little brick cottage was still standing; visiting her cherished home made me feel like she was with me again. That’s a testament to the power of travel—it allows us to connect to the past, and to create new stories that become a part of our history. I can’t wait to help you experience that kind of travel magic!

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A blueprint for planning your wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean

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